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spontaneous debate topics KWHL chart Sam how to speech feedback Sam rubric checklist parliamentary procedure guide 3ESOwebquest_WHOandunviversalhealthcare 2ESO_introUNESCO_webquest_Sam Research powerpoint The United Nations intro wrkst The United Nations intro wrkst key Oral Presentations Feedback Assignments for the Creative Advocates Project kids_changing_world_gallery_texts conference_student_cheat_sheet 3ESO_Problem Solving Practice for Unmoderated Caucus 2ESO_Problem Solving Practice for Unmoderated Caucus 3ESO_Peer Revision 2ESO_Peer Revision 2ESO_education_article_questions 2ESODoctorsWithoutBorders_article_questions 3ESO_health_article_questions Resources Country_Org_research_assignment Sinking ship activity Sam 2013

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MDGs Post-2015

Read here about the post-2015 Agenda!

Post2015 Messages Feb 2014

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GC 2014 Interview with Adam Rogers

Click here to see the interview with Adam Rogers, this year’s keynote speaker, made by the Press Corps!


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Global Classrooms Cantabria 2014 – Press Corps Video

Click here to see the fantastic work done by the 2014 Press Corps students at this year’s GC conference

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Classroom Blog

I created a blog with all my resources as I went along.  It can be found here.

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Debate Practice

One of the things I did with segundos before we got really into the topic was practice debate.  I gave them a brief debate-presentation and then we got into a fun activity.  I brainstormed a list of jobs with them from lifeguard to nurse to teacher to hairdresser etc.  Then, I gave each delegation a sheet of paper with that job on top.  From there they had to list all the reasons the job was the best in the world.  From there we kept rotating the sheets around the room so that students had to do a variety of jobs and brainstorm how to sell it.  Eventually we stopped the rotation and paired up two delegations and had them debate using the technique of listening, acknowledging what they heard and finally responding.  It worked great with both classes of my 2ESO students!

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Press Coverage and Videos of the 2014 Global Classrooms Conference

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2013-2014 Resources – IES Valle del Saja

Global Classrooms, IES Valle del Saja – 2013-2014

2º Resources

3º Resources

4º Resources

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Teaching GC In Other Subjects

It’s a good idea to collaborate with teachers of other subjects, besides English. Global Classrooms and the objectives of Educación Responsable can easily be incorporated into other subjects.  Every single subject can help with GC!  Take a look at the table below to find out how the skills taught during GC can mesh with other subjects.

Buscad profesores de asignaturas que nos ayuden a preparar Global Classrooms. Todas las asignaturas nos pueden ayudar en algo y de muestra… la siguiente tabla.

Tabla asignaturas_GC

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2013 Topics and Country Assignments

Here you will find this year’s topics and subtopics organized by ESO level as well as country assignments organized by IES.



Country Assignments 2013

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