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UN Documents

The UN website, in its maze of you-are-not-authorized-to-read-helpful-documents links, has a great collection of press releases that sum up the speeches and positions given in the Security Council. First you click on the year, and then find the topic/meeting you … Continue reading

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Afghanistan: Opium and Children

Perhaps in direct opposition to what was said at the presentation a few weeks back, here is an article about the prevalence of opium in Afghanistan. It talks about its common usage by the Afghani people. It uses sweeping generalizations … Continue reading

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ISAF Troop Numbers by Country

Here’s a link to the International Security Assistance Force website, which lists troop deployment by country. This should be helpful if you’ve had trouble finding accurate numbers, as these were updated as of December 2010. Of course, it’s no help … Continue reading

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A good resource for human rights: UNFPA

Here’s the link for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)- it’s likely most useful for terceros, but maybe some of your cuartos could benefit as well. Good for making connections between some lesser-talked-about countries and the UN (for example, it … Continue reading

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UN Calls for Improving Energy Sources and Efficiency

Hello all! The following article encompasses several of our chief topics from a few angles. Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon recently outlined energy targets, insisting that clean energy is “…essential for minimizing climate risks, for reducing poverty and improving global health, for … Continue reading

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A Year in Iraq and Afghanistan

This NY Times article has a brief overview of 2010 in Afghanistan. Beyond that, there are two possibly helpful illustrations that capture soldier casualties throughout the year. On the left, the photo titled “A Year in Iraq and Afghanistan” distinguishes … Continue reading

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Position Paper Guidelines

Position paper rubric and guidelines. Global Classrooms Cantabria 2011 -Karen (IES Remedios)

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Pere Vilanova on Afghanistan

Hi everyone 🙂 Yesterday we had the chance of listening to Pere Vilanova, former Director of Strategic Affairs and Security of the Defense Department. It was a great opportunity to learn about Afghanistan from an expert with great political experience … Continue reading

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Review Activity for Last Friday’s Presentation

Not thwarted by currently being unable to download the presentation itself, I took screen shots of some of the key slides (sixteen on them, only eight are in this activity–you can e-mail me if you want the rest) and made … Continue reading

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Conference Script 2011

Here is the conference script to use at all the conferences this year! Conference Script 2011 Best, Rachel (IES Marqués de Manzanedo)

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