Potable Water Flow Chart

We decided to create a flow chart to serve as a basic resource for the students since there is a LOT of information regarding water problems and possible solutions. The chart is a summary of much of what was covered in a last-minute presentation by the aunt of a student.

This will hopefully serve as a cheat sheet of sorts, giving the students some basic facts and points of reference as we further explore water issues in their countries. I have attached the sheets with blanks and with my answers. The sheet with my answers was only a guide for me in leading the class. Even though these sheets also contain a lot of information, as a group the class was able to fill out most of the boxes with their own (admittedly more intelligent) answers than those I used.

Water Chart Blanks
Water Chart Answers

The program OpenOffice was used to create these files.

José Diaz (IES Marismas)

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